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Working Caregiver Site and Blog: Good Information!

The Working Caregiver site has a new blog. The main site is full of useful information for caregivers. Many of us work full-time at "real jobs," plus work as caregivers. It's hard to keep your mind on your bread-and -butter job, while you are arranging hospice help for a loved one, or there is some emergency going on, or...just plain day to day 24/7 worry is eating you up, heart and soul. "Working Caregiver" and the Working Caregiver Blog are aimed at helping. I've added the site to my blogroll on the right. Please do check out both the main site and Carol Murak's blog. Her tribute to her father is lovely.


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Hi Carol,

Thank you so very much posting our site and giving credit to the WorkingCaregiver Blog. We appreciate it very much. Check back with us soon... we're growing and changing... for the better to serve us full time family caregivers trying to balance work, life, giving care.

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