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Alzheimer's, a Movie, and Ostracism

Fellow blogger (at Dorian Martin viewed the movie, "Away From Her," with a friend who also copes with Alzhiemer's issues. Dorian has written a couple of posts on this movie. I found them both interesting, however the post on ostracism was a painful but vivid reminder of how hard it was for my dad's friends to visit him, after he had brain surgery. The wanted to remember him as he was before that time. I totally understand that, but of course, my dad didn't. It was painful. He'd sometimes, when he was kind of lucid, mention that he hadn't seen a certain person for quite awhile. Here's Dorian's take on the ostracism in the movie.

"'Away From Me': Ostracism and Alzheimer's Disease

"As Anna and I discussed the movie, “Away from Her,” one scene – albeit a small one – rang very true for both of us, based on our caregiving experiences. The main characters, husband and wife Grant and Fiona, are having dinner with another couple. Fiona, who is suffering from the beginning stages of early-onset Alzheimer’s, struggles to remember a point that she wants to make in the conversation."

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