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Elder Care and the Work Place: Topic On HR Web Cafe

I've been noticing a blog lately, called HR Web Cafe. They post on many work related topics. The blog is billed as "A workplace weblog about employment issues, people matters, and work trends sponsored by ESI Employee Assistance Group (EAP)."

A post titled "Caregiver employees are at heightened risk: how employers can help," caught my eye, as it relates so strongly to our purposes here.

The post begins:

"We recently came upon a great LA Times article by Melissa Healy on the topic of caregivers and the high toll they pay for the role they play in supporting family members. This is a topic that interests us greatly - our EAP deals with an increasing number of workers who are dealing with the stress or strain of caring for an ill, elderly, or special needs family member. According to the article, about one in every six people is a caregiver and as the Baby Boomers advance in age, that number is expected to increase. Add to that the numbers who will be caring for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan wars, many profoundly injured either physically or mentally. The scope of the caregiving issue is significant enough that it prompted the EEOC to recently issue new caregiver guidelines for employers."

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Hi Carol,
As the author of MOTHERING MOTHER, I talk with many working caregivers who are in fear of losing their jobs. They're missing time at work, fielding phone calls from the home health aids or even their parent's care facilities, and they're stressed beyond belief. Not to mention guilty.
Many want to, or need to continue to be employed.

It's heart wrenching to see their worried faces wondering if they'll lose their job "over Mom/Dad."

I give them big hugs, listen, and hope we make some policy changes soon--because the numbers of caregivers is growing exponentially.

Thanks for exploring this subject.
~Carol D. O'Dell

Author of

A Daughter's Humorous
and Heartbreaking Memoir,

available at Amazon and in most bookstores.

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