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I've been getting so many questions from male caregivers lately, that I thought I'd bring an article I wrote on that topic to these pages.

"Typically, when most people think of a caregiver, they picture a woman. An elder’s care-giver? The daughter, of course. However, when I was looking for caregivers to interview for “Minding Our Elders: Caregivers Share Their Personal Stories,” I kept stumbling on caregiving men. My final percentage of male to female caregivers turned out to be one in four. It was not a scientific choice; rather an aesthetic one. It worked with the rhythm of the book’s design.

"After I became more aware of men as caregivers, and met more of them, I decided some research was in order. Through that research, I found my one-in-four ratio was about right, at the time I was writing “Minding Our Elders,” but that the gap between men and women is narrowing. “The MetLife Study of Sons At Work” puts that ratio at one in three. Why does this matter?"

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I am a male caregiver and I think alot of people believe that caregivers are usually woman. Take a look at nurses, which the majority are women. Mothers taking care of newborns. But as you said, the gap is narrowing. More and more men are doing their share when it comes to their babies and this will translate in taking care of parents as they age.

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