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I received a call from a medical writer last week, wanting to interview me for some articles she was writing on elder care. We chatted easily, and, after the interview was officially over, continued our talk. This is a lovely by-product of being interviewed. You meet so many interesting people.

The writer's name is Charlotte Libov, and she's co-written some books on women and heart attacks. Her latest, "A Woman's Guide to Heart Attack Recovery: How to Survive, Thrive and Protect Your Heart," sounded like a good choice to pass on to those of you reading my posts. Most of are either women who want to know what we can do to prevent a heart attack, or the men and/or kids who love us (we hope). Some of us will have had heart attacks, and this book will help after-the-fact.

So, folks, just a heads-up about a new book that looks like a winner. You can scroll down on the left and click on the cover to learn more.


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Thanks for your insightful comment. This is so true. Sometimes women are even sent home from ER, because medical people don't recognize the symptoms. We all need to become more educated. Carol

It is so important for women to understand that women's symptoms of heart attack are very different from men's so they can get medical help sooner. It is great to see a book focused on women and helping them thrive.

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