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Elder Guardians and Mediation: Caregiving Options

Most of us know families that do not get along at all. Sometimes, it's because the adult children remember nothing bfrom their childhood but abuse. Sometimes it's because the adult children abuse drugs and/or alcohol and their addiction keeps them from interacting with their elders, in a healhy way.

Sometimes there is no family. People grow old and need care, and there's no one to take charge of their care. These are all cases where a court appointed guardian may be necessary. There are many others.

I came across a site that may interest some of you. The Web site is for The Center for Social Gerontology, and it explains elder mediation. The site begins with this:

"The Center for Social Gerontology, Inc. (TCSG), since its inception in 1972, has been a non-profit research,training and social policy organization dedicated to promoting the individual autonomy of older persons and advancing their well-being in society."

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