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Election 2008: Focus on elder issues

It tickles me to see how elder issues are coming into the political spotlight. For so long, during my caregiving years and during the time I was trying to get Minding Our Elders published, I was told (or sometimes it was just implied) that this issue wasn't of mass interest. In other words, it was "sexy" enough to sell.

Now, it's everywhere, even on the lips of our presidential candidates. Yesterday, Radio Iowa News
ran a story by O. Kay Henderson titled,  "Clinton focuses on elder issues." It begins:

"During an appearance this morning in Waukee, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton outlined a series of steps she said are needed to help America's elderly. 'I consider myself a modern progressive. I'm proud of all of the progress we've made as a nation, but it didn't happen by accident. It didn't happen by wishing for it. It happened because people came together and worked to achieve them -- and sometimes over great odds -- to reach what we saw as goals for our country,' Clinton said. 'Today, we face a new set of challenges.'"

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