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Caregiver Stress: A Helpful Government Site

Caregiving is an issue where there are many misconceptions. A big one? When people think of a caregiver, they generally think of a woman. When I started to write Minding Our Elders, I had the same mindset. As I progressed with my interviews, however, I found a natural ratio of about 3 women to every man. I have since seen these numbers in studies, but I'm also beginning to believe that there are more hidden male caregivers than most people realize.

My point?  Hmmm, oh yeah. My point is that there's a very good caregiver stress site, absolutely packed with information, maintained by the government - and hidden away on womenshealth.gov.  I'm here to tell you, gentlemen, that this is for you, too.

You want categories? Here they are:

What is a caregiver?
Who are our nation's caregivers?
What is caregiver stress?
How can I tell if caregiving is putting too much stress on me?
What can I do to prevent or relieve stress?
What is respite care?
What is the National Family Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP)?
How can I find out about caregiving resources in my community?
What kind of caregiver services can I find in my community?
What kind of home care help is available?
How will I pay for home health care?
Who is eligible for Medicare home health care services?
Will Medicaid help pay for home health care?

Each of these is a link. The site is long and deep and deserves some time, so please tuck it away for when you can give it the time it deserves. And pass it on to the male caregivers you know. Just tell them to ignore all the pink.

Caregiver stress - click here:


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