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The National Alzheimer's Association is  currently in the midst of their Memory Walk season (of which there are more than 600 nationally), which leads up to World Alzheimer's Day, on September 21st. On their consumer site,, they are inviting Champions to hold a fundraiser, whether as a party, or on a golf course, to raise money for Alzheimer's research. The goal is to end this mind-robbing disease. Please take a moment to think how you can help.


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Hi Carol! I've just been invited to Cre8Buzz by Ritubpant of Work N Play, and haven't even finished setting up my Profile yet, but just had to take a moment to compliment you on your great site! My husband has organized and promoted an Alzheimers fundraiser, for the nursing home where his Mother resides, for the past 2 years. It is great fun for a great cause...I highly recommend folks getting involved!
Linda Martin-Peoples

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