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Older Adults At Higher Risk For Suicide

Yahoo News has published an article by Associated Press writer Sarah Skidmore pointing out the relatively high risk of suicide older adults face. Most resources for suicide prevention target much younger groups of people. Skidmore's article points out, among other things, that older adults often don't realize that they have suffered a lifetime of depression. They don't know anything different. And then there are those elderly couples who try to care for each other and one just reaches the conclusion that they'd both be better off dead. It's not as rare as we'd like to think.

Skidmore's article, titled "Elderly at highest risk for suicide," begins:

"Not long after 72-year-old Anne Beale Golsan had retired on disability from her job as a librarian, she put a stack of paid bills out for the mail, hung up a freshly pressed outfit and taped a note to the front of the house. "Don't come in by yourself. Get somebody to come with you. Sorry, Love Beale."

Her niece arrived at the house they shared in Baton Rouge, La., to find police already there. Golsan had killed herself with a gunshot to the head.

'Every single day it makes me feel like I wish I could have done something," Jane Golsan Ray said, recalling her aunt's death eight years ago. 'I wish I could turn back the clock and prevent it. It doesn't get any better, it hurts every day.'"

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