Coping with the Alternate Realities of Dementia Patients
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Coping With the Alternate Realities of Dementia Patients: Part II

Here's part two, continued from Tuesday's post below, with author and dementia patient Richard Taylor's touching viewpoint:

I'd like to revisit my post titled "Coping With the Alternate Realities of Dementia Patients," because I received an intense comment from Richard Taylor, author of the exceptional book "Alzheimer's From the Inside Out."

Richard Taylor is an educated, intelligent man who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. In his book, which I reviewed for OurAlzheimer's, he chronicled his disease in matter-of-fact, yet moving, prose.

Taylor's chapter titles tell his story:

"I Can Read!" "I Can't,"

"My Shirt Is Broken,"

"Am I My Brain? Or Is My Brain Me?"

"Whose Fault Is It That I Don't Understand You?"

"Am I To Be My Spouse's Son?"

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