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Touching Gift for a Caregiver

A business called Heavenly Ribbons sent me some lovely samples of their work. I was touched by the caregiver's poem on the ribbon meant for a caregiver. If I were presented with such a ribbon, I would, of course, use  it as a bookmark. I can see a faith based group buying these as gifts, in a caregiver support environment. These would make nice reminders for caregivers to take care of themselves.

I believe you have many choices as far as what you want printed on the ribbons. The don't have to be for caregivers, but this is what I saw and what interested me. If you are looking for special event remembrances, you may want to give Janice a call at 817-247-0941 or email her at She just seems like a nice person to do business with. She has a good personal touch.


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