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Judge James J. Brown has an impressive resume and has written successful legal books. Will the Laughter Stop? Baby Boomer Chronicles is his first novel. As the title implies, it's a light-hearted trip back to the 60s. He writes from the perspective of teenager Buck Rawlins.

My favorite thing about the book is that Brown is meticulous in his details. He marks years by cars, which made even me smile, as I remembered the cars of the era. And I really don't care much about cars. He sets the scene in sports and guy groups (teenage boys - I guess it's true that they only have one thing on their mind). Chronicles has a "Happy Days" feel about it, though Brown vividly describes Buck Rawlins' Catholic school and the physical punishment dealt out, in a way that wouldn't have been done on the televison comedy. It brought back memories to me, as I had Catholic friends who told me why some nuns of the era wore long black straps on their habits. In Rawlins' case, it was the Brothers in the school. I went to public school, and while things were certainly more strick then than now, this kind of punishment (for just plain "kid" behavior) wouldn't have been allowed.

Chronicles is written for nastolgia and laughs, but it effectively brought me back to other memories as well, which says a great deal, I think, for the book. Chronicles, in general, will likely ring more memory bells for men than women, but it's got a lot of charm for any of us who grew up in the era.

Baby Boomer Chronicles is available on Amazon.com and in some books stores (see below).


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