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During this often hectic time, we caregivers tend to take an already packed schedule and cram even more duties into it. Not only do we have our own shopping, but we do the shopping our parents would have done in their younger years. They still want to give gifts. We often write their Christmas cards for them, we mail their packages, we do their baking - all of this plus tending to our children's Christmas, our spouse, and all of the work celebrations which usually require extra cooking or shopping.

Below is a story for caregivers that works any time of the year, but I think it's even more fitting at this busy time. It's titled "The Bowl and the Sponge."

"...For awhile, the pitcher is relieved of some of the weight of the water, as your loved one is relieved of some of their burden when you are sharing it with them. You, the caregiver, are holding the troubles of your loved one for a time; lightening their load. "

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Isn't it funny how, as time passes, we make our way through the exhaustion and some of those memories turn sweet? Thank God!

I love the pitcher and sponge analogy. Thank you for sharing that. I so remember combining my mother's Christmas errands/duties with mine--what felt like an added weight.

We spent about two hours in a CVS Pharmacy--because it was a small enough store--much less overwhelming than a Kmart/Walmart type store.

She enjoyed perusing the aisles, buying a few Christmas gifts and feeling like a woman shopping. I think we left with about six boxes of chocolate!

Sweet memories now--even though it seemed pretty darn stressful at the time.

Thanks for this post.
~Carol O'Dell

Author of
Motheirng Mother: A Daughter's Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir

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