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Elder Care and Christmas: Here's a Unique Option

I repeat myself on purpose with this particular topic: Most elders have enough doo-dads. We still want to give gifts and they like to receive gifts. I'll be writing on ideas for gifts within a week or so, but I wanted to get the word out now on a great idea. I'm linking you to my post on Our Alzhiemer's called, "A Christmas Gift That Delivers. "

"My mom loved getting her mail. I think the anticipation was her favorite part. When I was a child, we had early morning delivery, and on summer days, my mom would say we couldn't really start the day until the mail arrived. That, of course, was at a time when life moved at a slower pace - literally. Airmail was the quickest way to get something, and you had to get special stamps for that (and fancy, filmy envelopes)."

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It looks like we won't have Christmas this year. Alzheimer's has progressed to the point that mom doesn't know what the holiday is. But thanks for this article - good ideas!
Laurie Ford

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