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Eldercare Shopping: A New Guide

Our Eldercare Conceierge, Phyllis Slater, has come out with a new e-book that has some really unique items. One of them, a portable doodad that raises the head of a mattress for those who have acid reflux, sounds amazing (she asked me to review the book). I haven't tried any of the items she mentions, but Phyllis does the work for you and will even put together gift baskets. If you are looking for some help in that area, contact phyllis at:


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You're right, Greg. There are pillows and also there are ways to raise the head of the bed. Apples are great for digestion, so that may be part of your success. Thanks for your comment.

I recently seen where there were pillows that are tilled upward that help with acid reflux.

Also, I notice that if you eat an apple, for some reason it helps.

I notice I don't have the acid reflux symptoms anymore.

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