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Holiday Thoughts for Caregivers

Holidays are a mixed blessing for some of us. Some of us just plain dread the idea. I was asked by to tackle the issue in a post for them, so I thought I'd pass it on to you with my wishes for a nice Thanksgiving - even if it's not "traditional."

How Caregivers Can Stay Positive During the Holidays: Drop the Fantasy, Lose the Guilt

There's an image of holiday perfection that our culture encourages. Starting with Thanksgiving, we are inundated with fantasy images of perfect families happily enjoying each other's company during a holiday meal. Most of us have memories from our childhood that feed this drive toward the Norman Rockwell nostalgia of holidays past. If we lived it, we want to duplicate it. If we didn't, we want to create it.

Few of us can measure up to the fantasy - caregivers least of all. There's so much denial of today's reality in these images resurrected each holiday and thrown at us by every means, from advertisements to blockbuster movies. These images feed expectations that are impossible to meet.

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What a wonderful article. I made comments on the agingcare site.

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