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Noxema Thinking

My friend, Erin, who runs, has had some innovative ideas for clothing dilemmas we face with elders who can't maneuver into standard clothing. I've written about several online sites that specialize in clothing and other items for seniors, and I'm again thinking of listing some of them on this blog's margin, where they are handy for readers. This brings me back to Erin. Erin said her dad found that fishing pants with drawstrings were terrific - easy to wear and comfortable. I bought sweatpants for my dad when belts and zippers became too difficult to deal with, but these quick drying fishing pants sound a bit more "dressed." I like the idea. Erin also said that maternity clothes can be stylish but forgiving alternatives for senior women who want the give of the stretch that modern maternity pants have. New styles mean the tops don't have to say "baby on board" or something that is obviously inappropriate. They are just loose and easy to wear. Another good thought.

This is what I call "Noxema thinking." I've used Noxema face cream for half a century. I originally started using it for washing my face, and I still use it for that. But, as time passed, I found it was the product I always reached for to calm an itch, heal sunburn, mositurize - any skin problem (no, this isn't a paid endorsement). My mother couldn't get along without it at the nursing home. I had to make sure I had two jars. Noxema has always been my  answer to "if I were ever stranded on a desert island and could only take one product, what product would I take?" (Sorry, I read "Glamour" in those days, and still do, even though it's written for twenty-somethings. Keeps me in touch with youth). 

The reason I coined the term "Noxema thinking" is that to me it describes the way we look at an item and figure out innovative ways to use it. Erin's "Noxema thinking" - her ability to look at items and imagine new uses  - helped her come up with innovative ways to use these clothing items for seniors. I'm open to more innovative ideas to help elders.


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