"Old Age in a New Age": A Book About Transforming Nursing Homes
Celebrating Elder’s Anniversaries Can Be Painful

Alzheimer's and Early Detection

Beating Alzheimer's disease is proving to be a huge challenge, but new tests that show that the disease may start long before symptoms are noticed. If researchers are on the right path, a new test may help find the disease before damage is done, thereby giving people hope that a cure could stop the mind-robber in its tracks. The New York Times article Finding Alzheimer’s Before a Mind Fails offers some exciting progress in this research.


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Alzheimers' on the Rise. New Book Helps Caregivers.

On one side are millions of people suffering with

On the other side are 50 million caregivers in the U.S. who take care of them without proper training and preparation.

In the middle is a woman on a mission.

Bonnie McGovern is a leading advocate for caregivers caring for a loved one. She�s written a book titled Taking Care of Barbara A Journey Through Life
and Alzheimer�s and 29 Insights for Caregivers.
The book was inspired by a real life story Bonnie
experienced while caring for her sister 10 years.

In the book readers will learn:

* Secrets to maintaining the patient�s hygiene
* An amazing strategy on how the caregiver can stay healthy (40% of caregivers die before the person they care for)
* What are the 3 stages of Alzheimer�s
* What are the 2 most important documents caregivers must have
* What to do when a loved one passes over

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