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My friend Barbara Mascio started Senior Approved Services several years ago, as her need to advocate for seniors pushed her forward. Senior Approved businesses must have a 90% approval rating as shown by a third-party survey. It's a unique way to find the cream-of-the-crop when it comes to senior care. You can check out SAS by clicking the link below my photo.

Not all businesses are financially able to apply for Senior Approved status, or it may not suit their business model. Yet, there should be some way for a consumer to get an idea of the level of service provided by assisted living, nursing homes and other caregiving centers. Enter CareGrade. This fairly new service provides a place for people to go in and critique care centers that they have used. It's consumer driven and one more unique tool in finding quality care.

The ideal facility would be on both sites, but many good ones will not yet have attained that status. I would check out both of these fine sites, if I were looking for caregiving facilities in my area. (Unfortunately, not all areas are served by either, as of now, which leaves some of us still depending on provided references - not perfect, but at least it's something).




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