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Elders, Eye Health and Depression

Some Luxuary Items for Your Elder

Normally, I think practicality when I recommend gifts for elders, as - to quote myself - by the this time in life, most of us have enough stuff to dust. The site has practical gifts, but also sensual gifts and just plain fun gifts. There's a sense of respect for the elder about the site that I find appealing. Nothing condescending.

Under "About Us," founder Patrick Conboy writes:

"Age Well. That’s our mantra and it is what drives our spirit in every day life. Of course, aging is not always that much fun, is it? During every life-stage we are presented with particular pains and unpleasant experiences both large and small. That’s just life, I suppose. What’s paramount is that we make the best of what life has to give us. As you might guess, that means we oppose the inflated notions of Anti-aging… Alas, we would all be kings if we could deliver on that promise. “Age Well” is our way of expressing both an optimistic battle cry to those who surround us, a greeting (and a farewell) and as a self-induced challenge-- to continually better ourselves and to maximize the enjoyment in our lives."

Some items are a bit spendy, others not so much. I can almost smell the lavendar gift basket as I browse. Give the site a try if you are looking for a little extra something. You might find it here.


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