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Tips for Seniors Traveling Over the Holidays

I wasn't aware of until I was asked for an interview. I checked the site and was very impressed (see post below). One of the most timely articles on the blog is about seniors and travel, so I'm giving you a bite, here, and sending you to the CareGrade blog for the rest of the tips.

From Tips for Seniors Traveling Over the Holidays

The following is a list of helpful tips for seniors and their family’s. Hopefully it will make traveling during the holiday season a bit easier.

1.Call the airline in advance and ask them to have an employee escort the senior to the gate. This gets them through the screening process, can eliminate the standing by using a wheel chair if necessary and eliminates the confusion of getting to the right gate.
2. Have the airline mark the ticket Needs assistance and have a family member escort them instead of the airline employee.

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