Resistance by Seniors to Professional Caregivers
Dementia Less Common, But The Fight Isn't Over

Communicating With Our Aging Parents

When do you talk to your parents about their driving? About their legal papers and financial situation? For most of us, it's difficult to bring up these subjects. I advise involving a third party when it comes to driving issues, as that's extremely touchy, and few adult children get through it without help - at least unscathed. However, there are many issues that need discussing as our parents age. Home Instead has come out with some valuable information they refer to as the 40-70 rule. When adult children are around 40 and their parents are around 70 - that is the time to talk. Obviously, this is a generalization. If you notice driving problems early, or there is ill health, it's far better to get started early. And wading in gradually is helpful, so you don't have to blast them all at once. Having an established good communication pattern is another obvious plus. To get more information and some helpful guides, contact your nearest Home Instead office or go online here.


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