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“I Can’t” Was Winning

If I had to make a list of the people I most admire, Leah would be right near the top. Leah, a fellow writer on OurAlzheimers.com, suffers from dementia. She's a witty, bright, humble former teacher who was stricken with vascular dementia (not Alzheimer's) at a relatively young age. Leah has been chronicling her life with dementia for us, as the disease progresses. She is nothing short of amazing, when it come to her determination and what she accomplishes. Her contribution to our world is priceless. Below is one of Leah's posts titled “I Can’t” Was Winning.

"I often use quotations to get across my point. Here is one which is my very own creation: "Dementia is deadly on one's self-confidence." My confidence level has fallen. Everyday living is not getting any easier. I have had a few problems lately with remembering appointments - even though I have them on my Palm Pilot and on the calendar."

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