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You won't find many cross-posts between my original Minding Our Elders blog and my health and travel blog, but this is a subject thread that I'd like all of my readers interested in their health and the health of their care receivers to follow, so yes, today you will find this post on both my health blog and my caregiving blog. Both are Minding Our Elders and both are about better lives for boomers and seniors as well as caregivers and care receivers. If I'd had access to this knowledge when my parents were alive, I would have been rubbing this nutraceutical into their skin. I think tit could have changed their lives.  That's how strongly I feel about this.

For those of you who haven't found my health blog yet, I began a health blog as an extension of Minding Our Elders, as I had started a nutritional supplement that continues to amaze me. I want to avoid dementia and other ailments that I have seen take down my family and some friends and I've searched (and paid many thousands of dollars) for nearly 50 years for a way to get rid of chronic migraine pain, as well as other chronic pain.

The product that worked is called Vibe. It is available through a company called Eniva. I’d been exposed to Vibe groupies a couple of times, but thought the “claims” made by  the people telling me their stories were too good to be true, so I ignored them.

However, when my dentist (also my son’s dentist) told me what it could do for my son, who has multiple health problems, I decided we both should give it a try. This medical person explained to me the science, which you can find on the Eniva site, along with testimonials and all kinds of scientific research, results of rigorous tests and information papers. Let it suffice to say here that the products are developed to be “cell ready,” which simply means the molecules are so small they pass directly into your blood cells. You can even absorb it through your skin. Nothing depends on your ability to absorb through your digestive system.

I did as instructed and started taking Vibe slowly, working up to one full ounce. Before I’d gotten to the full ounce, my migraines – migraines I’ve had for nearly 50 years – were gone. I hadn’t known a day without head pain for so long I thought chronic head pain was normal.

I’ve wanted to grab everyone by the arm and exclaim, “Do you know I don’t have a migraine?” Fearing incarceration for being a nut, I have restrained myself and only told friends. Having become a believer, however, I added a couple of products for my rheumatoid arthritis. I’m now nearly pain free most of the time, and it’s been less than a month. My son is also responding, though since he’s been on an abundance of prescriptions, since he was a small child, it will take longer for him to recover. He is, however, definitely seeing progress.

One more thing: Vibe was developed by a doctor at the University of Minnesota Hospital. The doctor's father was awaiting a heart transplant. The father began the cell-ready product(s) that the son developed and is now healthy. He never needed the heart transplant. You can read many stories that are far more amazing than mine on Eniva.com. And yes, I will chime in from time to time to let you know if it's all still working. Here’s to your health and that of your loved ones.

This is my story, but to be sure I haven't said anything legally improper here is the  FDA disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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Hi, Carol. This sounds great. Do you think it might help me with my dementia/diabetes/myelodysplasia/arthritis/etc? Also, I went on the site and see it is a drink. Did I read you right and see that it could also be put onto the skin? Also, have you used other of their products? If so, which ones? Thanks for the heads up!

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