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Tractors for Alzheimer's: MN Ag Company Thinks Big

Tractorslarger_6Kudos to RDO Equipment  of Moorhead, MN. RDO is part of the metro area of Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN - two cities divided by the Red River of the North. This is a company that lives up to its mission.

From the company Web site: "Focused on Relationships: Since 1968, there have been many changes in our business.  However, there remains one constant—we are in business to help people, no matter their challenge. This includes the people who work for our company, our customers, and the communities around us. Every day, we strive to make their way of life better. We do this by identifying industry needs, finding solutions, and creating partnerships that span generations."

Their latest contribution?  Read this press release from Hospice of the Red River Valley.

"Unique Donation for a Unique Project: The RDO Community Responsibility Committee has donated 28 miniature tractors to Hospice of the Red River Valley to be used in a project aimed at enhancing the care of patients with Alzheimer’s disease or related illnesses.  The reason for toy tractors lies in the way individuals with these types of diseases communicate.  Some of the best ways to communicate with someone who has advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease, for example, is to stimulate the senses.  Whether they are sight, sound, smell, touch, or hearing if a connection to something familiar can be made, communication happens and care is enhanced. 

The tractors are intended to be used with individuals who have some sort of agricultural background.  Setting a toy tractor in front of an elderly farmer with dementia may produce far greater results than asking them to talk about their memories of farming.  The question may in fact produce the exact opposite effect by causing frustration. 

Holly Heintzman, one of the committee members is quoted as saying, “We have been looking for ways to partner with Hospice of the Red River Valley.  This request fit the bill perfectly.”

Thanks, RDO, for making me proud to live in this community. 


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Hi there. I am new to this sight and it seems that there are so many problems with looking aftre the elderly out there. I work at a Respite centre, especially people who have dementia. I love it, but i am lucky to be able to leave that job behind at the end of the day. I anyone needs to talk i am here.

What a neat way for two otherwise unrelated agencies to partner for the greater good. Way to go RDO!

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