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Can Antioxidants Reverse or Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease?

The release, found on medicalnewstoday.com and titled "Antioxidant Therapy Shows Early Promise Against Alzheimer's Disease - Improved Blood Flow Boosted Cognition And Behavior In Mice With AD-Like Illness," gives hope that there are ways of "shutting off" the damaging effects of free radicals that could even reverse Read more →

“Could It Be Dementia?” A Caregiving Book Packed With Compassion and Information

I'm still frequently amazed at how much the Internet shrinks the world. An author in the United Kingdom was researching her book on dementia and Alzheimer's disease. She came across some of my work, and quoted an article I'd written a couple of years ago, for Minding Our Elders. Of course, I was pleased and honored that she quoted me and was happy to give approval. Read more →