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Expert Advice on Combining Medications to Treat Alzheimer's

From comes advice in a post titled "Combining Medications to Successfully Treat Alzheimer’s Disease." The article begins:

          "Everyone has had the experience of treating a cold. We typically take medications to treat the symptoms. As the commercials inform us, these medications treat the runny nose, congestion, cough, and fever associated with the common cold. These medications help us feel better, but we all recognize that none of the medications will "cure" the cold. Fortunately our immune systems take care of this. But we also recognize that there is benefit to treating the symptoms of the cold. Simply put, we feel better."

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Thanks for your comment on Minding Our Elders Blogs. I'm glad it's helping you. Blessings in all you do. I have just become the moderator of the forum ( you can go to and sign up - it's free - or click on the aging care forum on my blog). This is a great community that will allow you to discuss your caregiving journey, if you'd like to join us.

Take care of yourself, too. Carol

Dear friend, I 've been visiting your blog and learning so much from you.I am a care giver to my 76 yr old Mom and 87 yr old aunt who suffers from dementia.Your blog has given me a lot.

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