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Update on Health Journey Offers Caregivers Advice

I've enjoyed browsing in the past. Sometimes I get overloaded and don't get back to some very good sites. This is one I need to pay more attention to. They just posted an article titled " 50 Communication Tips and Techniques for Caregivers" which will help educate caregivers, of course, but professonals, as well. There are always things to learn. The article was written by Jessica Merritt. It begins:

"Whether you're a professional nurse or just taking care of a loved one, you're bound to run into communication challenges as a caregiver. Some of the issues caregivers deal with include talking to care providers, managing memory loss, and avoiding power struggles. It's not an easy job..."

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My condolences to you. I am sure you have very mixed feelings, which is normal. I'm honored that my blog has helped you.

Dear Carol,
I just wanted to tell you that my 87 yr old aunt, to whom i was a cregiver passed away on June 6th.Your blog helped me to understand hewr illness and take better care of her.
Thank you

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