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Update on Health Journey

I’ve promised to update you on how my son and I are doing with our nutritional program. It’s been a few months. The biggest concern for me, is the protection of my aging brain. Many studies have shown huge benefits to the human heart, brain, eyes and other organs delivered by antioxidants. My son and I both feel mentally “sharper” now that we have started this nutritional journey. Is it going to keep me from getting dementia? I can’t tell you that. But I am willing to do what I can to protect my brain, and this is one drug-free way that looks promising.

The first obvious change for me, since starting Vibe  (which I’ve already reported),  was the cessation of migraines that I’d endured for 47 years. I added to Vibe (Eniva’s basic nutritional product), their Flex and Jointzyme, for my arthritis. Vibe has some of the same ingredients such as glucosamine and others best taken in liquid form, but I needed a higher dose, since I’ve had RA and OA for many years.

Slowly, my pain has gotten so minimal that it’s nearly non-existent. My hips were the last to stop bothering me (I even danced at a wedding dance and suffered no consequences!), except for my neck which is so eaten up by arthritis (I had a whiplash at a young age) that doctors viewing my x-rays don’t know how I “function.” Even my neck pain has eased, though it’s still an issue.

I’ve felt I would eventually need hip replacements, like my mom, but now I’m not so sure. It will be interesting to have x-rays taken down the road, but at this point the pain is, for the most part, not a problem, and I’m happy with that.

I will also have a bone scan to see how I’m doing in that area, as I’m at high risk for osteoporosis. I’m taking Eniva’s bone-building Cal-Mag, which is perfectly balanced for what the body needs, and like the other Eniva liquids, immediately and nearly totally absorbed. I’m off nearly all of my prescriptions, many of which had serious side effects.  That’s my story. I will end it with the mandatory FDA disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

My son is also making huge progress. He has multiple health issues, including juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and depression. His energy, his ability to exercise and general health are much better. So is his asthma.

Neither of us would give up the new health we’ve found and which we expect will continue to improve.  I’ll give you an update every few months, as I’ve had many people ask about my progress (especially the migraines and arthritis).

Check out good health, research the incredible science behind Eniva’s products (angstrom sized molecules that go directly into the blood cells), and watch and listen to the videos. You may find something you’ve needed for a long time. I know we did. Again, I will say,  this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  However, it is helping me and it is helping my son immensely. So, we continue to take it.


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