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How to Die Organized: Ten Tips

The authors of a neat little organizer titled, "Putting Things in Order: A Journal to Organize Your Life for the Next Generation," sent me their top ten list of things to do so you can be organized with the paperwork you want your heirs to have. Before I tell you about their book, here's the list as written by authors Ellen Baumritter and David Finkle: Read more →

Over-the-Counter Drugs Could Be Causing Symptoms

What the systems don't catch, however, are all the over-the-counter medications we take. As our emails flew back and forth, I was able to gather from the concerned daughter that her mother was good about getting her prescriptions at one drugstore, but she still had a feeling that something was amiss. She felt her mother was too groggy in the morning for someone who'd had a good night's sleep Read more →