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Here’s How You Can Get Solid Long-Term Care Insurance Information

The Department of Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid has come forth with a new kit called "Own Your Future: Planning for long-term care." I received my pamphlet because the state where I live is one that has hopped on board and is including a state-specific insert. Read more →

Another Early-Warning Test for Alzheimer’s is on the Horizon

People could make lifestyle changes if their physicians think the changes are indicated, and some may even try to participate in drug trials with the hope that they can beat the odds. I like to think that some families may even find themselves pulling closer, knowing that there is a big chance they will face the challenges of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, together, in the future. Read more →

Can We Rate Nursing Homes Like Restaurants?

States and counties already have rating systems for a wide variety of inspections which are done on a regular basis, at least in my area. The results of these inspections are available to the public, so, out of curiosity, I've looked up, on the Web, the ratings of homes I know well. Often, I've been shocked to find that they have "deficiencies." Read more →