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New Medicare Site for Caregivers to be Unveiled September 18th

According to the press release, the site at medicare.gov/caregiver "...will provide updated, easy to use information and tools to assist caregivers in talking with their loved ones to make a family plan and in making informed healthcare decisions ... Read more →

Cleaning Out the Homestead

We got him a private room at a lovely nursing home nearby, where we could visit daily. We moved as many personal items into his room as possible, with lots of pictures and momentos. However, their antiques, beautiful silver, huge book collection (weeded out heavily before their last move) and personal items had to be dealt with. Who should take what? Who had room? We tried to sell some things, and had a little luck, but it was hard to let these things go. There was so much history. There were so many memories. Nearly every item had some emotional attachment. In the end, we gave a lot to charity, and kept some small items. The whole process was painful. Read more →

British Study Shows Antipsychotics Increase of Stroke in People With Dementia

I addressed the fact that antipsychotics are often used to "calm" a person with Alzheimer's, and that studies show they don't work. They simply drug the people, without helping the root cause of their distress. People respond to kindness, and the attention of a human being who really wants to know what is upsetting them. The drugs can't accomplish the task that is needed. Human attention addresses that need. Read more →