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BreastCancerJouneyOrganizer Primarily, I write about elder care. But people can get breast cancer at any age. And, unfotunately, caregivers often neglect their mammograms, and find they are not only caring for an elder, but traveling the journey of a breast cancer patient, as well.


So, in honor of National Breast Cancer Month, I'm introducing my caregiving readers to a new tool for people diagnosed with breast cancer. The Breast Cancer Journey Planner, by Carrie Sanders, a cancer survivor herself, (found at is being promoted in conjunction with this special month.


The Breast Cancer Journey Planner feels beautiful and special in the hand. The three-ring-binder format invites the reader to use the book as she chooses. It’s easy to add notes from doctor visits and letters from friends. You can add photos and journal entries.


Not that The Breast Cancer Journey Planner doesn’t have tons of advice and guidance on its own. I just happen to love “planners” that give people freedom to do it their way.  This book accomplishes that goal to perfection.


No cancer diagnosis and no treatment plan will be one-size-fits-all. Why not have a journal filled with advice and a Web site to visit for comfort and guidance, all of which you can turn into a unique record of your journey? All of that, with education and encouragement all the way? This is a fantastic concept.


Go to Carrie’s site and check it out. I can tell you first hand that, if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer,  this book will feel like a supportive friend.  If you have a friend with breast cancer – here’s the perfect way to say, “I care.”


Find out more at


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