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Canadian Researchers Find Psychotropic Drugs Can Affect Driving

A media release on marketwire.com caught my eye, because elders and driving is a tough issue for many of us, let alone elders who are in the early stages of dementia. Also, many people without dementia take some of the drugs listed, namely antidepressants. Read more →

Social Stigma Still Evident for Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Mental Illness

Dementia, too, affects the brain, and people with dementia are often treated as though they have something that shouldn't be talked about. When I started writing my newspaper column and mentioned my mother's arthritis, it didn't bother any of her friends. When I talked about her dementia, many were shocked and disappointed I'd "do that to her." She didn't ask for either disease and she wasn't to blame for either. What's the difference? Read more →

Obsessive Caregiving Can Be Harmful To Caregiver and Care Receiver

The list went on and on. Daily baths, attention paid to her mother’s nails, lotions, pulling chin hairs…on and on and on. She got a standing ovation, but my heart ached for her. She was in her early 50s and looked in her late 70s. She was smiling but looked as if life had beat her with a crowbar." Read more →

Awareness of Personal Growth During Caregiving Can Help Caregiver Health

The research team studied diaries of adult caregivers, and the diaries showed that, "... accumulation of small and large daily stressors such as work deadlines, PTA meetings, supporting family and friends as well as providing routine assistance to a parent living outside one's house can build up," study leader Jyoti Savla, assistant professor of human development and gerontology at Virginia Tech, said in a university news release." Read more →

Yoga for People with Alzheimer’s is Showing Quality of Life Benefits

I suffered from severe migraines. As a person who'd been born limber, I hadn't considered it necessary to do much to stay that way, but I did think some poses in a book I received from a book club could possibly help my migraines. The moves were effortless for my young body, but I felt good when I did them. They didn't cure my migraines, but I continued doing the poses just for that relaxed, "stretched out" feeling. Read more →

Should Aging Parents With Dementia Lose the Right to Vote?

In those days, we’d have a garage full of modest-sized, plain white signs that said in large black letters, VOTE. Mom and her colleagues spent hours hauling these signs around town, asking people to please put them in their yards, then going back and collecting them prior to Election Day. Read more →

The Breast Cancer Journey Planner feels beautiful and special in the hand. The three-ring-binder format invites the reader to use the book as she chooses. It’s easy to add notes from doctor visits and letters from friends. Read more →