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Insurance: Are Seniors Being Duped into Buying Policies They Don’t Need?

This helpful article on seniors and insurance comes from AgingCare.com:

"Seniors are inundated with a never-ending onslaught of insurance offers. Disability insurance, Medigap, mortgage life, self-funded healthcare, permanent life, term life…and the list goes on. Salesmen use many questionable tactics to get seniors, who are often times too trusting and easily fooled, to buy insurance policies they don’t need. For example, the pitch may offer a very low-cost first month premium, but the small type grants the insurer the right to charge your parent’s credit card at a greatly inflated rate every month."

Readmore about seniors and insurance on agingcare.com:


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I came across your site when I got a Yahoo Alert
and am able to get a lot of information and "tips"
on elder information Thank you for your effort.
I am a Senior Advocate in Massachusetts with Mass Senior Action Council

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