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Carol O'Dell, author, blogger and much more, like yours truly, knows her subject because she lived it. She writes excellent posts, and is gracious enough to pass on my material from time to time. I like to do the same with hers. Here's an excellent post of Carol's that many of you will relate to titled, Have You Taken Caregiving Too Far For Your Own Good? :

"I was recently at an event where a woman received the caregiver of the year award for her community. Her daughter wrote a lovely letter about all her mother did for her mother. The list started at about 5am and ended about midnight–with frequent middle of the night interruptions as well. The list went on and on. Daily baths, attention paid to her mother’s nails, lotions, pulling chin hairs…on and on and on. She got a standing ovation, but my heart ached for her. She was in her early 50s and looked in her late 70s. She was smiling but looked as if life had beat her with a crowbar."

Read Carol's full post on obsessive caregiving:


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