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Alzheimer's From the Inside Out

I've written about Richard Taylor's remarkable book, "Alzhiemer's From the Inside Out," many times. I'd like to send those of you interested in knowing more about what it's like to live with Alzheimer's to Richards blog. Here's the beginning of one of his recent postings:

"I am Richard Taylor, and I have been engaging the symptoms of dementia probably of this or that type for the past several years. Thanks for opening my "news" letter and at least reading it this far.
  I am still here (a whole person confronting the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease on a daily basis).
  We are still here. (About 10 million whole people ((soon to grow because of the increase in people over 65 to 20 or 25 million whole people).
  "'It" is still here. The International, National, State-wide Local and family public health crisis; the tsunami of dementia racing around the world and caused by the aging of the "baby boomers."

Read more on Richard Taylor blog:


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