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Home for the Holidays: Be Prepared

Adult children carry with them memoires of holidays past. The sights and smells of the familiar home with Mom and Dad there to present a warm family gathering. So, when we go back to visit, even if we consciously know our parents are aging, we subconsciously expect things to stay the same. This expectation can really throw us when we are presented with reality. Read more →

Can the Techniques Taught in Montessori Schools Help Elders with Alzheimer’s?

In "Making Connections," Jimenez focuses on a program developed by Cameron J. Camp, an experimental psychologist. Camp has applied the childhood education principles of Montessori schools to people most consider unable to learn new things. Dr. Camp developed training seminars and materials that are now used by many nursing facilities around the country. His inspiration came when he was working with the elderly at the same time hi Read more →

High Fat Diet May Add to Alzheimer’s Risk

A team of researchers has shown, "that the main neurological markers for Alzheimer's disease are exacerbated in the brains of mice fed a diet rich in animal fat and poor in omega-3s. I wrote about Omega-3 fatty acids in the post titled, "More Encouraging Research on Fish and Healthy Brains." That study showed the beneficial effects of fish oil on the heart and brain. Read more →

Dr. Woodson is a geriatrician and a family caregiver. Both roles shine through in this excellent resource. Written with wit, and the wisdom of one who has been there, To Survive Cargiving packs an amazing amount of information in a slim volume. Read more →