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National Family Caregivers Month Is a Great Month to Read About Caregiving

SurviveCaregivingWoodson November is National Family Caregivers Month. What better way to mark the occasion than to tell you about a gem of a book titled To Survive Caregiving: A Daughter's Experience, A Doctor's Advice on Finding Hope, Help and Health? I saw a brief announcement about this book, written by Cheryl E. Woodson, MD., and thought it sounded good, so I requested a review copy. I wasn't disappointed.

Read more about National Family Caregivers Month and Cheryl Woodson:


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Glad you had such good luck with them. The site is a great resource for long-distance caregivers, as well.

I'm dealing with issues with my elderly mother who is 3,000 miles away. It's impossible for me to be there with her so I found an online resource at that helps me coordinate her care with other family and friends that are local. It's FREE and they have lots of resources to help.

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