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Path Into Healing a Fascinating Journey

PathHealingOliver Sam Oliver is a man on a mission. He’s attended many deaths as a hospice chaplain. And he has an insatiable thirst for inner healing and spiritual growth. Oliver’s latest book, The Path into Healing is another fascinating journey.

In The Path into Healing, Oliver investigates the feminine side of both genders, and the trend toward integration of the masculine/feminine aspects of every human being, leading to a spiritual wholeness.

Oliver writes of how, when children are hurt, they want their mommy. In many ways, we never lose that need. The world interferes with the human need as we are forced to “grow out of it.” However, the need remains buried. Oliver’s book, The Path into Healing, is indeed a journey worth taking. The book  is available at www.pathintohealing.com.


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Sam Oliver is a spammer, whose email address is invalid. I have tried for months to stop him from sending me unwanted emails. He sends emails from Ning groups without their permission. He uses others to promote his book.

He should be ashamed of himself. He is NOT a man of God. A man of God does not bombard people with spam nor use other people's groups for his own ads.

I am not even in the bereavement industry. I wish he would get a very fatal disease soon. At least that would stop the spamming.

The Path into Healing is the most remarkable book I have read in years. As a Counselor, I recommend this book to any client seeking to find an aspect of him or herself that has been neglected for years.

I just finished reading "The Path into Healing" by Sam Oliver. This book goes deep into your soul and heals with gentle grace. It is a must read for anyone in need of self-care.

I just finished "The Path into Healing" by Sam Oliver. I can honestly say that it was one of the best versions and kindest versions of the feminine spirit I have ever read.

The Path into Healing by Sam Oliver is a journey into the feminine side of the soul. I have read many books by this author. This book goes a long way in healing the soul and an area of care much needed in society today.

This is an incredible book on healing. As a male, I could understand parts of myself that I didn't know needed attention.

I read this book. If you or a loved one needs to know the path into healing, you need to pick up a copy of this book.


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