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Assisted Living and Nutrition

Inside Assisted Living is a site I'll be referring to often. Ryan Malone has created a site, book and overall product that is not only informative and professional, but has heart. This particular article, on assisted living and nutrition, is important and I want to pass it along to all of you.

From Inside Assisted Living: "As a resident of an assisted living community, maintaining good nutrition is one of the most important ways to insure a long and healthy life. Food, for better or for worse, is the fuel we run on. Just like vehicles, bad fuel can cause us many expensive and troublesome problems, especially as we age. Unfortunately, even with this knowledge, nutrition inside many assisted living communities can be more of an afterthought than a norm.  Assisted living communities are not federally regulated so each state develops its own regulations and this can be challenging when choosing a new home. Nutrition, foodservice, and sanitation guidelines can vary widely across the country."

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Thanks much for summary. I was just at another community last week and I noticed much of the same. The more that I dig into this, the more it makes wonder. With all the research into healthy eating, it is almost is if many assisted living communities have not been exposed to or have not yet had resident families demand they change their menus. Scary stuff, and I would expect the residents would have far fewer health concerns if they made the change.

Happy new year!


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