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E-mail address picked up by spammers

If any of you aren't getting alerts, one of my e-mail addresses (or both) has been hijacked by a spammer. I think my computer is secure now, but the damage is done. If you aren't getting mail you've signed up for, that's the reason. Spam filters aren't letting it through.

I'm sick about it. Please keep checking the blog and I'll try to figure out what I must change to get this resolved.




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Yeah, I make my information public so I can be reached, and it gets "harvested" to sell pills! Well, it seems to be dying down, so one can hope I'm not black listed too many places.

I'm checking out your blog, by the way. We have more in common than it would first appear.

Doesn't it just make you mad when you are trying to help people? Argh
I feel your pain.

Thanks for the advice and the sympathy!

I do go through a paid MSN service, rather than a free service, but I think my computer itself was hacked to sent out email from my site, even though I use a lot of protection. Anyway, we're working on it.

My newsletter won't be affected, but blog subscribers may not get their alerts. Hopefully, this will die down. It's just hard to know how far it went.

It's really a feeling of being violated.

I'm sorry to hear of that, Carol. I just helped a friend with similar issues, in her case her Hotmail account actually taken over!

You might look into one of the commercial providers of email broadcast services, or some way of sending mail that goes through an authenticated server so the address will be trusted.

Raines Cohen,

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