Keeping Up With Dementia and the Holidays
Use New Medicare Facility Ranking System as a Tool Not a Rule

Mental Health, Elders and Pain featured an excellent article on mental health by Sherry Myers, RN. I think it is something many of you will find interesting.

From "Edith stopped off at her dad’s condo, and they chatted about her day. For several weeks, she had been updating him about a video she was making for a company board meeting. That morning was the big presentation and it went well. She was thrilled to share her good news with her supportive father.

Just a few minutes after their conversation, “Edith’s” dad asked her something that created a pit in the bottom of her stomach. He asked how her day was, specifically if anything interesting had happened at work. That forgetfulness was a sign that “Edith” had been dreading. It meant that her beloved father’s Parkinson’s disease was progressing to include dementia, a symptom that his doctors had warned her could materialize."

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