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Vitamin D Could Help Prevent Cognitive Decline

Hormone Replacement Therapy Could Contribute to Dementia

For decades, hormone replacement therapy was considered the best treatment for menopausal symptoms. At one time, aside from the intended effect of mitigating the uncomfortable hot flashes and other menopausal irritations, it was considered good for the heart, brain and bones. Many women were placed on it, at least for a time, during their menopausal journey.

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Keep up the great work Carol... I love your blog... very informative. Hugs

Carol, I am glad that I never had to take HRT! I also recently read that a recent study from Harvard Medcial School and Brighan and Young Women's Hospital found a link between HRT and strokes, regardless of when you took the HRT. Scary! A synopsis of that study can be found on Silver Planet, at

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