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Hormone Replacement Therapy Could Contribute to Dementia

As I am very small boned and at high risk for osteoporosis, I was placed on the hormones long before any signs of menopause. I remember vividly asking my doctor, about five years ago, how long I'd be on the hormones. She said, with certainty, that I'd be on it into my 70s. I was in my late 50s at the time. The next year, when I went in for my physical, she took me off the drug. Most doctors were doing the same. New studies were showing significant heart risk for women on HRT. Read more →

Buying Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Choosing a Medicare supplement insurance plan can be overwhelming and confusing. Here’s a primer to help take the mystery out of Medicare supplemental insurance. What is it? Medicare supplemental insurance picks up where Medicare leaves off, paying for medical expenses that Medicare does not cover Read more →

Getting Help When Considering Assisted Living Recommended

It was still expensive compared to her apartment, and she ended up backing out of a pre-agreement. She had me to do for her what she needed, and she liked her apartment better. She had a personal alarm to call me if she fell. So, she stayed in her apartment until she needed a nursing home. Read more →

Increased Blood Flow to the Brain May Help Stave Off Alzheimer’s

The article, "Brain starvation as we age appears to trigger Alzheimer's," tells of a study written about in the Dec. 26 issue of the journal Neuron. Robert Vassar, lead study author and a professor of cell and molecular biology at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine, discovered during the study that a key brain protein is altered when the brain has a deficient supply of energy. Vassar is quoted in the article as saying, "This finding is significant because it suggests that improving blood flow to the brain might be an effective therapeutic approach to prevent or treat Alzheimer's." Read more →

Dementia – There Ought to Be a Law

The Forum and on their Web site In-forum titled, "Landmark proposal for Alzheimer's care," Krista Headland, western N.D. regional director for the Alzheimer's Association and Gretchen Dobervich, eastern N.D. regional director for the Alzheimer's Association Minnesota-North Dakota Chapter urged North Dakotans to contact their legislators and tell them they want this bill passed. Read more →