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Finding qualified caregiving services in an area where you live is hard enough. Finding these care services in an area where your parents live, but you don’t, is even harder. That is the task of the long-distance caregiver. I am so often asked to help people with this dilemma that I finally started an active search for a way to match caregiver’s needs with agencies that can help them. The criteria I used in making a selection to recommend was that the service be free to caregivers, that it had good testimonials from caregiver who have used it and that it had different types of services from many areas of the country.

I found what I wanted, and am now partnering with  This site allows the person looking for help to narrow down the area where the elder lives and the kind of help needed. I’m impressed with the results I’ve seen. Filling out the form is easy, though the more you want to narrow the service choices, the more you can choose to fill out.

Elder care, or for that matter, care for anyone needing it, is available almost anywhere. But finding the right agency is not always easy. can make this search much less stressful by matching your needs to caregiving agencies that can help you.

Every caregiver can use stress relief. This may be your answer.


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Oh how I wish I would have known about this when I needed it most. You are really doing an invaluable service! Thank you!!!

On a smaller basis, some friends are putting together a resource web site for those of us helping seniors in New Hampshire. Take a look at

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