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Use It or Lose It: Games Help Keep the Brain Healthy

If I were only a game player, I'd probably be the smartest one around. As a writer on subjects such as aging and Alzheimer's disease, my name comes up in searches and I get offers to try out any number of games, each of which claims to be the best at keeping one's brain in peak operating condition, or even improving brain function. I'm not saying I couldn't use the brain work. I'm just put together to prefer a good book to a game, so I haven't taken many of them up on the offers.  According to these new brain game developers, that attitude could come back to bite me. So, I decided to give some attention to two such games, though a quick Web search will bring up many other choices.

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Health benefits of gaming are fascinating; surgeons with high gaming skills prove to be far better practicians that their non gamer peers just like seniors playing brain games show lower risk to contract the Alzheimer decease.
A recent study also show that greater education levels somehow protect against this common form of dementia. To read more about this story go to this link:

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