Use It or Lose It: Games Help Keep the Brain Healthy
Increased Blood Flow to the Brain May Help Stave Off Alzheimer’s

Wii Game System and Dementia

My colleague at wrote a wonderful tribute to games (see my game post from Monday). Leah is an expert - she already has vascular dementia, and is a terrific resource and educator in making the best of the situation. Below is Leah's testament to the game system Wii.

Wii...What a Success!

"I knew I needed to get more exercise, but I got a real wake up call when my Wii Fitnesscalled me 'Unbalanced' and a 'Couch Potato' over and over again…  Whoa…I don’t need an electronic game to call me names—or do I?  Is this the psychological impetus behind the success of this game?  Competition either against one’s self or other opponents?  I suppose that works for the competitive types, which I am one.  As far as Wii Sports and Wii Fitness are concerned, the Nintendo company has a big success!"

Read more about Leah, games and Wii:


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