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It’s a Puzzlement!

Another wonderful post from my cowriter on Our Alzheimers, Leah. Leah has vascular dementia:

This post is a hard one for me.  I am really opening myself up, exposing a very private “secret”.  I may be making more of it than need be.  You be the judge. I am a little worried about my mind…about losing it, that is.  Lately, it has been playing a little trick on me.  Hmmm, how do I explain what is happening? One day, I was doing something, I don’t remember the first time it happened.  I can just remember the effect.  I saw a woman either on TV or in a magazine—or maybe in real life.  That part’s not important.  What happened next is!  Mentally, I switched from looking at her as another fellow human being to looking at her from the eyes of an alien, as though I were from another world and had come across some strange creature here on planet Earth.  Suddenly, the woman looked strange to me, I looked at her as though I were examining a bug on a Petri dish.  The following are my mental notes, at least the ones I can remember: 

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